Spirit, loved being wife, pregnant, mother, grandmother, reader, writer, tutor, dancing. Cry with novels and movies. Curious. Love Scientology courses and “auditing”, chocolate, milk, custard and tapioca puddings, some classical music, waltzes, Latin rhythms, folk dances, ballet, cello, harp, clarinet, Greek and Spanish guitar, mountains, forests, water falls, streams, deer leaping, birds soaring, waves crashing, mist, fog, kittens, figured hardwoods, blown glass, blue sky, vaulted ceilings, lavender, jasmine, gardenias, satins, soft fleece, velvet, pastels. Favorite authors are Gabaldon, Donati, Allende. Spending too much time on how-to-write and how-to-publish instead of doing it.  Resisting and then loving revising.




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